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Our philosophy is that healers should care and that is reflected in every aspect of our practice.

Our goal is to offer our patients the best of care.

Preventive Medicine

In Vetcare we take care of your pet’s wellbeing and safety from birth to old age.

Medicine & Surgery

High level care is our priority here at Vetcare and we accept specialized medical cases such as ophthalmologic


At Vetcare we know that dental health is not just an aesthetic problem but affects the quality of life and the overall health of your beloved pet.

Intensive Care – Emergencies – Hospitalization – Pet sitting

We try to always be there for our patients and this is why we have a phone line for emergencies that we try to answer on a 24-hour basis.


Every patient is unique and so are their anesthetic needs.  A pediatric patient for example is by far different than a diabetic


Vetcare is home to a fully equipped laboratory. Tests are performed on site and results are ready within a few minutes


In Vetcare we have a digital x-ray machine and offer contrast radiographic tests 


We perform ultrasonographic examinations of the chest and abdomen, AFAST ultrasound

Pet spa

Vetcare has created a pleasant grooming experience for your pets by combining a calm environment and natural


Vetcare houses a pet shop full of necessities for our beloved pets. We offer a large selection of food and treats in various price categories


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